Sony shows off 3D headset

Play PS3 games in futuristic visor.

Sony has taken the wraps off an ambitious new 3D display prototype called the Headman.

It's a chunky headset that lets you view 3D content straight in front of your eyes courtesy of two separate displays one for each eye. The visor also has headphones incorporated into the body.

Basically, imagine a cross between the Virtual Boy and those weird goggles that La Forge wears in Star Trek: The Next Generation and you're somewhere close.

There's no word on when the gadget might launch or exactly how it works, but Sony executive Hiroshi Yoshioka directly referred to the ramifications it might have for gaming during the company's CES presentation in Las Vegas.

Discussing playing Gran Turismo 5 with the headset, he said, "Nobody, not even my wife, interrupted me, so I could get the highest score."

Engadget has a few images up of Sony's new tech.

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