MS: New PC Marketplace not like Steam

Claims it has "different vision".

Microsoft has said that its relaunch of the Games for Windows Marketplace next month will be distinct from existing services and will be flexible about publishers' DRM requirements.

"We have a different vision that runs parallel to what [Steam] is doing," group product manager Peter Orullian told Kotaku, describing PC games as "a place where we are doubling down", whatever that means.

Microsoft also said that it would allow publishers to offer games with a choice of DRM (or not) depending on their own requirements.

The idea of the relaunch, taking place on 15th November, will be to, "bring some of the rigor, thought and success we've had on console to bear in the PC space," according to Orullian.

Microsoft has said that the relaunch will include a "great pre-order" offer (current speculation points to the PC version of Fable III), and will be followed by a rating system and pre-order incentives.

The company has previously stated its ambition to have day-and-date releases for new games, rather than adding them to the service following retail launches.

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