Industry's future depends on Kinect, Move

So says a bunch of analysts, anyway.

Analyst firm EEDAR has predicted that the future of the games industry will be determined by the success or failure of the new motion controllers coming to market.

"The Kinect and Move remain critical products that could drive growth and excitement among the casual and mainstream consumer base," said analyst Jess Divnich (as overheard by Industry Gamers).

"The Kinect and Move's success or failure this holiday season will be the primary catalyst for overall industry growth or decline this holiday season."

According to EEDAR, PS3 and Xbox 360 sales are due to increase while Wii and DS will be on the decline. "However, despite Wii's declines compared to 2009, the Wii is still expected to remain the top selling console for holiday 2010," said Divnich.

EEDAR reckons August and September are likely to be better months than July in terms of software sales. The firm is also confident the action, RPG and shooter genres will do well with the release of titles like Halo: Reach, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Medal of Honor and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

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