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We Love Golf

So do Camelot's Takahashi brothers, luckily.
Takahashi brothers

Also, Camelot is known for the Mario Golf series. We really like those games, but there's a certain expectation when you're going into the Mario world - even if it's in a golf game. We Love Golf allowed us to create the game on the Wii which we wanted to create, avoiding the limits and expectations that are automatically placed on Mario games.

There are a lot of new people who have just got into gaming because of the Wii, and this was a great chance to reach these people, who perhaps already play Wii Sports and some other games for half an hour or an hour. They can do that again with We Love Golf, but maybe there are a lot of people who would like a bit more - who want the next step. We feel that We Love Golf is something that can make them feel really glad they have a Wii, even a year after buying it. They can play for as much time as they have, and not get sick of the game - that's the kind of game that we wanted to create.

EurogamerWhen you talk about depth, where did you strike the balance? Is it mostly in the single-player, or have you put most of the depth into the multiplayer modes?
Takahashi brothers

Actually, the game has already been released in Japan, and there's no online at all in that version. We've taken quite a bit of time and put in the online specifically for the North American and European versions, because that was what our users seemed to want most. Even at that, the Japanese version had a lot of content in it - enough to satisfy our players for quite a long time!

The large volume in the single-player mode - things like the ring-shot mode, the target golf mode - they let you practice and polish your game, and get really good. Then you can take all those characters that you've unlocked and all those skills, go online, and build a big collection of badges. We think it's a good complement to all the offline volume, and another way to satisfy people who want to play this game for a long time.

If you look closely at the TV on the left, Eurogamer's Rob Fahey is representing along with Capcom's Leo Tan.
EurogamerAmong the unlockables in the game are a dozen of Capcom's signature characters. How long is it going to take people to unlock those, and were there any you wanted to use but didn't get around to, or weren't allowed to?
Takahashi brothers

We said from the outset was that since this is a Capcom-published game, we wanted to include a little bit of Capcom flavour. However, Capcom thought that if we filled it with Capcom characters and things like that, it would overshadow Camelot's skill and history in making golf games. Capcom really wanted a Camelot golf game - and that's why we have just these few characters. We think it's still quite a good amount, though.

As to whether there were more things we wanted to put in... Well, maybe Camelot wanted to put things in, but Capcom said, you know, we don't need a lot of stuff like that. We were actually the ones who suggested going ahead and putting in these costumes, and Capcom ended up really liking that idea. Our players also seem to really like it!

It's not that they got tired or anything - this is during the interview.
EurogamerSo how long will it take for players to unlock Chun Li or Morrigan?
Takahashi brothers

There are a ton of unlockables in this game. Play modes are unlockable - when you beat Tournament mode, you unlock Pro Tournament mode. Beat that and you unlock Mirrored Tournament mode. Courses are unlockable too, as you play the tournaments. For the Capcom characters, it's going to depend on the player. For the QA team, it still takes 20 or 30 hours just to unlock all the Capcom costumes, because those are sprinkled throughout the game. You're going to be unlocking a lot of good stuff for quite a long time.

Of course there are things that you can unlock pretty easily - like the play modes and the courses, the big content of the game. We feel like we've hit a pretty good curve, giving you a lot of things to look forward to and keeping you coming back for more. We hope everyone ends up doing that, because there's a lot of good stuff in this game!

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