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SEGA Bass Fishing for Wii

Water way to go.

SEGA has bobbed up to the surface to say that Bass Fishing is in development for Wii and will be released early next year.

The idea, unsurprisingly, is to catch bass happily minding their own business in various idyllic lakes. Motion sensing controls will imitate having a proper rod in your hands, and you'll have to flail around to reel in fish.

There will be 15 different waters to fish in and you'll use around 20 lures to coax four different types of bass in with.

There's a Practice mode to help you get to grips with things before trying out Arcade or Tournament modes. But if that sounds a little too much like hard work, you can just drift along taking in the sights with the leisurely Nature Trip mode.

SEGA Bass Fishing was originally made famous many moons ago on the Dreamcast, an experience you could supplement by getting hold of a very swanky fishing reel peripheral.

Pop over to our SEGA Bass Fishing gallery to see how the new version is shaping up.

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SEGA Bass Fishing

PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii

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