Lost Humanity 18: A Table of Doritos


6 years ago

Pretty much agree with this. Its funny on twitter to note the amount of journalists and PR people criticising the article and supporting each other - kind of proves some of the points made.

Also evident that lots of people have completely misread it as criticising journos for being enthusiastic about games, which is does not. It seems that people have also read the hypothetical point about taking things from PR calling integrity into question literally. I also donít see this article suggesting that games journalists are fundamentally corrupt, which again, seems to be how its read on twitter.

I've got mixed feelings about including those peopleís names. Seems a little unfair. I think the same points could have been made without doing so. On the other hand, they did express those opinions on a public forum, so its hard to see why they are so up in arms about being associated with them.

All in all is baffling to see that so many games journalists see no problem whatsoever with advertising a game in exchange for prizes or excepting gifts. Also not to realise that its not necessarily about how it impacts their opinion, but how that appears to a reader for whom you are supposed to be completely neutral. Even if they disagree, which they are entitled to, the suggestion that PR gifts are a bit dodgy is far from ridiculous.
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