Comics, games and - of course - Watchmen: Dave Gibbons Interview


6 years ago

One of my favourite artists. I don't really care for the Watchmen but I do thumb through it just admiring Dave's artwork.

Level-5 ponders which titles to localise


7 years ago

Kanselier: Don't know if you just didn't mention it, but Level 5's Rogue Galaxy is a must play too.

Retrospective: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis


8 years ago

I can remmber swapping all those discs to play this one, was it ten or twelve? Then getting an Amiga 600 with a hard drive and filling it up with this one game!

Looking forward to playing this again on the Wii.

Sony clarifies video downloading issue


8 years ago

I always remember an exchange that took place after a girlfriend of mine at the time made a caustic remark, we all looked at her with a mixture of dismay and dewilderment:

Her: I just wanted to be one of the boys.
One of the boys: Can't you be one of the boys that doesn't say a thing.

Wise words Ellie, wise words.

When Comics Met Videogames


9 years ago

I hate to nitpick but to go along with TeeJay, the Watchmen didn't legitimise comics in the mainstream, it merely legitimised the Watchmen in mainstream press. Comics were and still are viewed as they ever were.

Equally important works were done in comics before the Watchmen came along, this one just happened to get noticed, the inclusion in the New York Times 100 best books list helped a bit.

One last gripe, but the Watchmen is not a graphic novel, it's a comic book, a twelve part maxi-series comic book, which has been collected in to a trade paperback.

Apart from that, great interview!