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Off Topic: Love blooms on the braid in This is How you Lose the Time War

"Trees fall in the forest and make sounds."

"My most insidious Blue."

Red writes to Blue. She leaves her letter in a pot of boiling water in an MRI machine. Blue writes to Red. She leaves her letter in a spew of magma as Atlantis is destroyed. Slowly, it dawns on me that this is - what's the half-forgotten term? - an epistolary novel. A story in letters. Red and Blue, deadly agents from different sides in a hideous war, exchanging notes across the crackling divide.

And the war takes place in the sweep of time - all of time, and across a multiverse of different universes woven together into a braid. This is what the agents do: they zip back and forth through time and across dimensions, tweaking events so their side inches closer to victory. But then the notes - teasing and taunting at first, one brilliant agent recognising their opposite. And of course the teasing and taunting cannot last forever.

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