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Off Topic: Coffee is the threshold drink

Does this include a gratuity?

My daughter is almost nine, and I discovered recently that she's reached the age at which the right drink matters. The drink to set you up for a day. The drink to be seen with.

I realised this because a while back we were at a coffee shop getting an elaborate frappucino for her, and three of her school friends came by in the time we sat there, all of them getting their own elaborate frappucinos - all without actual coffee in them, I should add. The kids nodded to each other - to see and be seen! A month later the drink has changed - it's now bubble tea - but the set-up is the same. It's important to have the right drink.

And weirdly I remember all this a bit. I remember the period at which a drink switched from being, well, a drink, to being something more - a vital piece of identity.

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