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Netflix handled Sandman brilliantly

It was Dreamy.

There are spoilers for the Netflix adaptation of Sandman ahead. They're not enormous but it's better if you've watched the show before reading this.

Have you watched Sandman on Netflix yet? Wes and Bertie won't stop going on about it. But they both come at it from different points of view. Bertie is a newcomer to Sandman whereas Wes is a devoted fan of the comics. So does it do those comics justice, and can a newcomer enjoy it just the same? We mushed Wes and Bertie together to find out.

Bertie: I'd heard a lot about Sandman. It's one of those hallowed comics or graphic novels or whatever it is - the point is, I didn't really know. And it seems it's equally hard to get into because the written story doesn't follow a very coherent structure, so when I went into the local comic shop, feeling inspired to read it, I was soon put off by the enormous amount of Sandman I saw, and where to even begin. This Netflix series, then, was the perfect in. Had you read it before you watched it?

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