WRECKED Revenge Revisited

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Wrecked: Revenge Revisited Review

There's a saying, applied to sex and pizza, which suggests even when these things are bad, they're still pretty good. You could probably make a strong argument for a few game genres that could join the list. Top-down racers, for example. Even when such a game is demonstrably bad, the core appeal of whizzing around a track, shunting and wrecking your friends, is strong enough that the experience can still be fun.

That's how Wrecked, a sequel to cult 2004 racer Mashed in all but name, squeaks by. The game itself is riddled with problems and flaws, but in among all the irritations there's a kernel of classic entertainment that makes itself visible enough that the game doesn't feel like a complete waste of time. Of course, those sporadic glimpses of multiplayer greatness also make it all the more frustrating that Wrecked isn't a whole lot better.

Developer Supersonic, which features original team members from both Mashed and Micro Machines 4, certainly hasn't ventured far from the comfort zone on this one. There are no new ideas, only ones that have been proven to work in decades past. You race dinky cars around hairpin bends, trying to force other racers off the road, causing them to be caught by the elimination line that trails at a set distance behind the leader, or by demolishing them with the selection of weapons that can be picked up along the way.

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Wrecked Revenge Revisited release date announced

Combat racing game Wrecked Revenge Revisited launches on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade on 28th March, 505 Games has announced.

Wrecked Revenge Revisited was made by Supersonic, the developer of 2004 game Mashed. Indeed it's considered the spiritual successor to that game.

There's a Battle Mode for use in local or online co-op for up to four players. And there's a Championship Mode for solo players, with 24 challenges.

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Wrecked  Revenge Revisited announced

Wrecked Revenge Revisited announced

Action racing game for XBLA and PSN.

505 Games has announced Wrecked Revenge Revisited, an arcade racing game for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Wrecked is from the same UK team behind PS2 and Xbox game Mashed, which Eurogamer awarded 7/10 to years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

"We're really excited to partner with 505 Games to bring the spiritual successor to Mashed to our existing fan-base and our unique style of racing mayhem to a brand new audience," Supersonic Software managing director Pete Williamson said.

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