Vampire Rain

Vampire Rain

Vampire Rain

Stopped play.

"A city soaked in darkness, rain and terror," booms the back of the box, faking its best Marlboro Man/Carlsberg movie trailer voice.


So it's B-movie survival-horror schlock, with a hefty dollop of Splinter Cell stealth? It sounds great, in the deliberately hammy way that made Resident Evil so appealing. What could go wrong? It's got superfast 'Nightwalker' vampires that want to feast on your face, ridiculously tense stealth, a conspiracy-laden plot, unintentionally funny voice acting with the immortal line "have a bite of peach" in it. Surely it's a cult hit waiting to happen?

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Microsoft dates trio

Sylpheed, Rain, Tenchu Z.

Microsoft has finally rubber-stamped Project Sylpheed, Vampire Rain, and Tenchu Z for release in Europe on 29th June.


TGS: I don't mind.

Tucked away on one of the less celebrated sections of Microsoft's TGS booth was arguably one of the highlights of the show so far. Combining elements of Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell with the atmospheric horror of Silent Hill, Rain (announced as Vampire's Rain in Japan last year, but clearly referred to on the stand by its shorter name) stood out a mile away among many of the so-called next generation offerings given headline billing at the showcase event - and will certainly be a title to watch when it finally emerges in 2007.