Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Reviews

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

Untold hours of level grinding.

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom is pretty much exactly the same game you've played as Diablo, or Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance, or Champions of Norrath. Yes, it's one of those games that require you to repeatedly press or click a button to thrash your way through thousands of bad guys you view from an isometric camera angle.

It's the sort of game that cobbles together every cliché imaginable into a game that's so by the numbers you could probably use it to teach small children to count. It's got a whole host of our old friends: spiders, skeletons, a hot Amazonian vixen, you rotate crystals to redirect beams, you trawl through dismal sewers, and has the sort of button-bashing level grinding that's the defining feature of every button-bashing level-grinding action RPG ever. It's not likely to be the first game you'll want to play on the PS3, put it that way.

You start the game by choosing from a Warrior, Mage or Scout. They each look very different, (one's a burly male, one's a buxom female, and one's an old bloke with a staff); but in game terms, they're barely distinguishable from each other at the start of the game, and barely more barely distinguishable as their powers expand over the course of the game. Take the Scout, for example: "As the most agile member of the unit, she uses stealth and deception to vanquish her enemies", runs her character description. A more accurate one might simply say: "hammering the square and cross buttons make her hit everything till it's dead." Sure, about 12 hours into the game you might start having to fall back on some of her special abilities, but really, that's the essence of the game: button mashing through each successive wave of enemies to grind your way up to the next level so you can give your character a few extra points of health, or some increased attack power.

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