Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom News

EA to publish Untold Legends

For PS3's European launch.

Electronic Arts has snapped up the rights to publish Sony Online Entertainment's PlayStation 3 launch title Untold Legends in Europe.

Sony confirms Xfire on PS3

Sony confirms Xfire on PS3

Explains Untold Legends features.

Xfire is developing a middleware solution that will allow developers to incorporate cross-platform communications between users playing on PC and the PlayStation 3 console.

Sony's PS3 launch title Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom will be the first title to incorporate online functionality via the Xfire gaming service, allowing users to communicate whether using console or home computer.

The announcement confirms rumours that surfaced last month, and highlights Sony's willingness to incorporate third-party solutions in its answer to Microsoft's Xbox Live.

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Untold Legends for PS3

Details of SOE's hackandslash.

One of Sony Online Entertainment's first PlayStation 3 games will be a full-blooded version of PSP RPG Untold Legends, the company's confirmed.