UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System

UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System

Five fitness games at launch, plenty more since, and still Kinect owners must wait it out for the ultimate interactive workout that seemed inevitable when the motion-sensing device was unveiled.

EA Sports Active 2 was a broken mess; Zumba Fitness proved unserious and shallow; Your Shape scored big with tech, but bored with everything else; while The Biggest Loser showed some method to its occasional madness - but still nothing has come close to offering a flawless workout.

The next contender is the boldly titled UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System. Backed by the considerable muscle of the US MMA organisation, the title offers a more intense, aggressive, bloke's approach to exercise than, say, the spa-like calm of Your Shape's girly yoga contortions.

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UK top 40: Zumba conquers all

Resi 3DS and UFC fitness game struggle.

Best-selling dance fitness game Zumba Fitness has conquered the UK all-formats chart again, spending a third consecutive week up top.

THQ: Kinect/Move games are cheap

Don't expect motion-control blockbusters.

Games for PlayStation Move and Microsoft's Kinect are for a mass market, and therefore much cheaper and quicker to develop than core titles, according to THQ.