Toy Story 3: The Videogame

Epic Mickey sales

Epic Mickey sales "strong" - Disney

Revenues rise following layoffs.

Disney Interactive and Warren Spector's studio Junction Point suffered severe layoffs in recent months, but Wii-exclusive adventure game Disney Epic Mickey did the business.

The giant company's Interactive Media division saw revenues of $349 million during the first quarter up by 58 per cent.

It said it saw gains in console game sales, and "strong performance" from Epic Mickey and Toy Story 3.

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UK chart: Toy Story 3 back on top

Modern Warfare 2 surges into second.

Surprisingly good movie tie-in Toy Story 3 has reclaimed top spot in the UK all-formats charts from Blizzard's stupendous PC real-time strategy game StarCraft II.

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3

Plastic fantastic?

Time makes liars of us all, and I knew I was tempting fate when I wrote that LEGO Harry Potter would likely be the best kids game of the year. Playing Toy Story 3, there were times I worried I'd have to retract my rash prediction after only a couple of weeks.

That's because in its best moments, Toy Story 3 perfectly captures the innocent imaginative appeal of play. Not play as in gaming, just play: tipping the toybox on the carpet and making up an adventure without caring about things like plot or scale or common sense. In those moments, Toy Story 3 is delightful, and a vast improvement over the recent games to bear the Pixar brand.

Up was blandly passable, Wall-E was irritating and repetitive, and Ratatouille was, quite frankly, the worst children's game of the last five years. From that low ebb to this cheery peak is quite a turnaround, and it sees developer Avalanche graduating from the pleasant-but-inessential likes of Bolt and Chicken Little in style.

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Disney clarifies Toy Story 3 date

Game here in July, before the film.

Disney has clarified that the Toy Story 3 game will be released in the UK on 16th July. The film arrives here in July [that's the rumour, thanks folks below -Ed].