Super Quickhook

App of the Day: Super Quickhook

App of the Day: Super Quickhook

Swinging done right.

When I were a lad all the best games had Super in the title. So even before Super Quickhook's retro sprites and chiptunes have worked their simple charms, there's something nostalgic to it. But the aesthetics are as far as it goes.

Super Quickhook looks like a classic from yesteryear, but it's a modern thoroughbred of the one-touch school. Its long and diverse missions, as well as two superb endless modes, are structured around doing one thing really well - swinging on a hook. Don't all rush at once.

For Super Quickhook, this single skill is refined and built around with real focus, and more than a little imagination. Tapping in the upper right of the screen shoots out your grappling hook, diagonally upwards in the direction the character's facing. When the hook catches, the character holds on to the rope for as long as your finger's still on the screen. So: release to jump.

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