Radiant Entertainment acquired by Riot Games

Seth Killian's F2P fighting game Rising Thunder cancelled.

Free-to-play fighting game Rising Thunder, the in-development title by former Capcom "special combat advisor" and the face of Street Fight Seth Killian, is being shuttered on 18th March as developer Radiant Entertainment has been acquired by League of Legends studio Riot Games.

Shoryuken founders announce crafting RTS/RPG hybrid Stonehearth

Shoryuken founder Tom Cannon and his twin brother, Evolution fighting game tournament co-founder Tony Cannon, have announced their upcoming Kickstarter project Stonehearth (not to be confused with Hearthstone, a Blizzard virtual card combat game).

Given the Cannon bros.' pedigree, you might expect the duo to be making a fighting game, but you'd be wrong. Stonehearth is closer to say, Dwarf Fortress. You guide a group of settlers as they build a civilization upon a randomly generated world map. Crafting and building will be key, but players will also get to assign jobs to their settlers and level them up, giving the whole thing an RPG flavour.

There will be an RTS component to the game as well, as players will have to do battle with enemy armies and monstrous bosses. This aspect of the game is meant to be more deliberately paced than other RTS games, probably to make up for Stonehearth's inherent complexity. With granular detail comes granular responsibly, I suppose.

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