Star Wars: Republic Commando

New Star Wars game to be announced?

New Star Wars game to be announced?

Award ceremony teaser would suggest so.

A new Star Wars game looks set to be announced at this year's Video Game Awards ceremony.

That's one way of looking at a new Spike TV teaser video, anyway. Over footage of previous SW games a voice says, "You've seen every film over 200 times, you know the Skywalkers better than your own family, you have a stronger knowledge of the Force than Yoda himself - but one thing you don't know is what's next. Find out at the 2009 Video Game Awards."

Said Awards are being held on 12th December so expect more news then. Will it be a sequel? A brand new franchise? Or just another class or something for Star Wars: The Old Republic? Clouded, the future is etc.

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Retrospective: Star Wars: Republic Commando

The Empire Strikes Back Catalogue.

How soon we forget. All LucasArts has to do is waltz through door with a smile on its face, a Monkey Island revamp and a decent Star Wars MMO under its arm, and the keys to a digital distribution service jangling in its pocket, and all of a sudden the past five years are forgotten. For years, absolutely nothing - and then suddenly she's back on the doorstep with a cheeky wink and a quip about selling me some fine leather jackets. Out of nowhere, we're rolling around in hay together and daring to dream of a new Day of the Tentacle, and more. As if the life that I wasted lying horizontal on the sofa and staring at the wallpaper hadn't been frittered away.