SoulCalibur III News

It's the 20th anniversary of the Soul Calibur series

And so we of course have a new Pachislot game.

Soul Calibur breast regulations defined

Series director details strict guidelines.

Soul Calibur IV confirmed

By Namco Bandai producer.

Soul Calibur III dated in Japan

Later than the West? Curious.

Soul Calibur III: new trailer

On Eurofiles. Complete with Yotoriami interview. Also, news that some old friends will be returning.

Soul Calibur III: no online mode

And no character cameos either, says producer Hiroaki Yotoriyama. Spoilsport.

Soul Calibur III: first details

Turns out it will indeed appear on PS2 only. And feature "an unprecedented number of modes", would you believe.

Soul Calibur III PS2 exclusive?

You'll be able to create and customise your own character. Apparently.