Sonic The Hedgehog News

Sonic Collection leaks online

Leak comes from via the same retailer that outed that Sonic Colors remaster...

Sonic the Hedgehog was almost designed to look like arch nemesis Eggman

And other Tails from the original game's conception.

Sega releases classic games on mobile, for free, but at what cost?

Unity ports run much worse than older emulation, even on high-end devices.

Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator is now a Nintendo employee

Hirokazu Yasuhara takes mystery role at NOA.

Mega Drive Classics tweaked for PSN

Leaderboards, trophies, co-op detailed.

SEGA to follow Nintendo's Mario model

When it comes to releasing Sonic games.

Yuji Naka: Sonic & Mario "was my idea"

And he's already built for Kinect, Move.

Price of Sonic XBLA games slashed

But for a limited time only.

SEGA signs new deal with Alton Towers

Sonic rollercoaster and hotel room planned.

SEGA VP: Repairing Sonic will take time

Reckons "the kids" loved Unleashed.

Sonic leads Virtual Console charge

Boulderdash and Jumpman in tow.

Resistance maps, more on PSN

Destruction Derby PSone too.

Lacey Chabert voicing Sonic

Well, Princess Elise, anyway.

Sonic demo on Live now

'Hog all the bandwidth.

Sonic and Full Auto at PS3 launch

Monkey Ball there for Wii.

Next-gen Sonic this year

Says top SEGA bigwig.

Naka directs next-gen Sonic

PS3 and X360 - shots and date.

Sonic creator talks next-gen

Others chime in too.

New Sonic games

And some old faves return.

SEGA's nextgen Sonic boom

Demos of Sonic, Virtua Fighter, House of the Dead and more shown.

New Sonic titles at E3?

SEGA won't talk about Sonic on PSP, if it exists, but still managed to indicate that we'll see more Sonic at E3 in the process.