SOCOM: Tactical Strike

SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Tactical Strike

I was a fan of the original SOCOM, not so much for the single-player game - although the voice recognition was cool - but for the online experience. I spent even more hours playing SOCOM II online, but by the time the third game was released, the novelty had worn off.

When the franchise first came to the PSP two years ago, I wasn't certain that Sony and Zipper would be able to pull it off. As it turned out, the PSP headset and online connection worked just fine, but the lack of a second analog stick ruined the experience for me (if I had a dollar every time I said that!). It wasn't an awful game by any means, but it definitely wasn't designed with the PSP's strengths (and weaknesses) in mind.

With the third and latest PSP SOCOM title, Tactical Strike, Sony has moved away from the PS2 ports and designed a game specifically for the handheld. The results are mixed. While it works fairly well, it deviates substantially from the prior games in the franchise.

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New SOCOM for PS3, PSP

Confrontations and Tactics.

Sony has confirmed that SOCOM will be heading to the PlayStation 3, although a European release date and details were MIA.