S.L.A.I: Steel Lancer Arena International

S.L.A.I. Steel Lancer Arena International

S.L.A.I. Steel Lancer Arena International

Konami unleashes robot death. In a nice way.

As Albert Einstein would have probably said (if he wasn't, you know, dead), game ideas should be as simple as possible, and no simpler. When an idea is simple, yet well executed, you can end up with awe-inspiring things-of-legend, which continue to draw whimpers of delight from folk for years. But if a game crosses that fine line into the too-simple, it becomes a forgettable, put-down-in-half-an-hour outcast.

This then. This S.L.A.I. It's something in-between.

It's an arena game that involves running, jumping and blasting the living toiletries out of chums, as becomes obvious when you decode the name: Steel Lancer Arena International. It wobbles and clunks its way unsteadily along the line we've mentioned, and occasionally plonks a big metal claw the wrong side of it.

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S.L.A.I. for PS2

Futuristic fighter from Konami.

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