Shrek the Third

Shrek The Third

Shrek The Third

Smells more like a Richard.

I've just been speaking to my doctor and he advised me not to jump straight to the major criticism in this review or I might do myself an injury. So instead we're going to warm up a little before we get there. We're going to limber up and get those critical reaction muscles working. We'll start by easing ourselves in with some gentle niggles. I'll just wait for you to throw on some loose, comfortable clothing and we can begin.

Here we go, then. We'll start off with a nice, simple complaint: floating items with no shadows on the ground - an obvious flaw. Without some kind of reference, it's difficult to judge where that coin suspended in the air is supposed to be in relation to your character, causing you to jump completely the wrong way. Since it should be a mandatory requirement of any 3D platformer, it makes its omission here slightly annoying, so I want you to screw your face up into a look of mild irritation... and then realise it doesn't matter that much, and let it go. There we go.

Now, onto the presentation. None of the principal characters lend their voices to the game, apart from the irascibly charming John Cleese as the narrator, so let's roll those eyes up... and let me tell you that the replacements are pretty good stand-ins who do a decent impersonation... and let's roll them down again. And I'm going to tell you that the narrative compared to the movie is a little bland... and up... but that the main story is complemented by some well-made, albeit ultimately staid CGI puppet theatre cut-scenes... and down.

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