Samurai Warriors: Chronicles

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Tecmo plans Project Café launch titles

Tecmo plans Project Café launch titles

Plus, announces 415% profit surge.

Tecmo Koei has announced it hopes to have titles ready for the launch of the Wii's successor next year.

CEO Yoichi Erikawa made the announcement in an earnings call today, reported by Andriasang, noting that the publisher is trusted by platform holders to always have titles ready in time for a hardware launch.

Erikawa also stated that the publisher had games in the works for the arrival of Sony's NGP handheld later this year.

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Samurai Warriors: Chronicles

It's about empowerment. While the Western approach to video game violence most commonly sees the player cowering behind scenery and occasionally peeking out to fire off a few rounds, in Japan they clearly believe attack is the best form of defence. This is what the Warriors games do so well; here, as ever, you're cast as a character in an exceptionally violent historical drama and simply asked to kill people. You jab the Y button, enemies fall over, repeat. And, for a time, it works: you're a one-man army, decimating your foes with just a few button presses, and it feels good.

The problem with putting Samurai Warriors on a portable is that, inevitably, compromises have to be made. It's hard to escape the fact that a smaller screen can't capture the scale of the home console version. Scrunched down onto 3DS, the battlefields naturally shrink, enemy forces are less daunting in both size and number, and no amount of 3D jiggery-pokery can make up for that. With the series' most important facet neutered somewhat, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles is fighting a losing battle from the start.

Rather than playing as an established hero, you start the game as a male or female warrior of your own naming. Aside from the thrill of having a brave warrior named Bob playing a pivotal role in 16th century Japanese military conflict, this makes precisely zero difference to how the game fundamentally shapes up. The objectives are familiar – go here, kill him, defend this, destroy that – and the mechanics are identical, with more hacking and slashing than Geohot with a full bladder.

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