Rise of Incarnates

Rise of Incarnates shutting down only months after launch

Free-to-play PC fighter Rise of Incarnates is being closed down by publisher Bandai Namco after just three months of general release.

The two-versus-two brawler will be removed from sale today, a post on the game's Steam page states.

Rise of Incarnates only celebrated its official launch back on 1st July this year, after being available through Early Access since February.

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Namco Bandai announces 2v2 brawler Rise of Incarnates

The people behind fighting games Tekken and SoulCalibur have announced a free-to-play 2v2 3D brawler called Rise of Incarnates.

Bandai Namco announced the new franchise today for release on PC in the latter half of 2014, saying it's "forged by creators of the Tekken and SoulCalibur franchises". The announcement trailer is below.

The characters are called Incarnates - humans with special powers who are trying to reshape the world.

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