The Regiment

The Regiment

The Regiment

Tactical action, super speedy SAS-style.

The SAS are a scary bunch of lads. Truly. However, in todayís climate of fear and terror, we could use something a little more shocking and awing. Something like the SCS: The Special Clown Service. Look, thereís nothing scarier than a clown - except for a clown with a Heckler & Koch MP5. Forget flashbangs, just try and shoot a hostage after youíve had a custard pie flung in your face. Banana skins for booby traps, itís anti-terrorist gold for chrissakes.

The Regiment is a tactical action FPS based on the SAS, with absolutely no clowns involved, at least not until I showed up for basic training. This involves 17 mini-missions which impart authentic SAS tactics, such as the dark arts of flashbang entry into a room and double tap killings (nothing to do with homicidal plumbers and everything to do with a two shot burst along the mid-torso line). Youíre also taught how to control your AI team-mates using a simple mouse based radial menu. Incidentally, all these mini-missions must be completed quicker than a piss in no-manís land to achieve passing grades and unlock the campaign proper.

This swift pace sets the tone for the main missions - The Regiment is best thought of as Rainbow Six in a rush. Forget all of R6's intricate map planning and inching along corridors, this is banzai-grenade-hurling door-booting gun-blazing super-dash-peppered-action. The tactics learned in training are actually useful and youíll be ordering your team-mates to open doors while you stand back, timing the throw of a flashbang to perfection, then entering with a hail of terrorist cleansing lead, authentic radio chatter in your ears. Graphically, this is all depicted in solid if not spectacular style, with some detailed environments and smart touches like radiators that hiss steam when struck by a stray bullet.

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