Red Ocean

Red Ocean demo surfaces

Water way to go.

A new demo for Red Ocean surfaced this morning, giving you the chance to try out Collision Studios' underwater shooter.

Red Ocean announced for PC

Red Ocean announced for PC

Best character name EVER.

Anaconda has announced plans to publish a new PC first-person shooter next year, featuring quite possibly the best-named videogame hero ever.

Red Ocean follows the adventures of - wait for it - Jack Hard, a diving instructor and treasure hunter. Whilst mosying along the bottom of the ocean, he discovers a secret cold war research station which once belonged to those pesky Russkies. But now, it's been taken over by terrorists - and wouldn't you know it, Mr Hard gets caught up in their dastardly plot.

The game's "unique twist" is that you must deal with water in three different states. When it's liquid, you can dive to approach enemies without being noticed, and conveniently drown them. Things get trickier when the temperature goes below zero, since you've got slippery ice to deal with, and at the other end of the scale you'll have to handle clouds of hot steam without getting all blisterised.

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