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Red Ocean demo surfaces

Water way to go.

A new demo for Red Ocean surfaced this morning, giving you the chance to try out Collision Studios' underwater shooter.

The demo lets you explore the full game's third level, diving around the terrorist-occupied underwater station where work on a giant centrifuge takes place.

Red Ocean centres around the brilliantly named Jack Hard, whose tourist diving trip soon lands him in the middle of a global conspiracy. In a mixture of fast-paced diving sequences set in claustrophobic and volatile sub-sea environments, you'll have to uncover a terrorist plot to change the world forever.

The game is due for release on PC in the third quarter of this year, which is autumn to you and me.

You'd like to know more? Then snorkel your way over to our Red Ocean gamepage to gander at the latest media, or head over to the watery website for more information.

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