The Professor's Brain Trainer: Logic

The Professor's Brain Trainer - Logic

The Professor's Brain Trainer - Logic

A logical cash-in, you might say.

And so it begins.

Mere months after the runaway success of Nintendo's masterful Brain Training (and the less successful Big Brain Academy), the bandwagon jumpers are already in evidence. Is that a bad thing? Yes in shameless, cynical, dead-eyed cash-in sense (look at the name - they're not even hiding that it's a cash-in), but not if they end up making up for the shortfalls of Nintendo's attempts.

For as moreish and near-perfect as Brain Training was in conception and execution, there just wasn't that much to it. Too few challenges lead to endless repetition, and unless you had someone competing with you on the same machine over a period of weeks and months, it was all over in no time. Still, it had oceanic potential to be one of the all-time must-have handheld games, and still does.

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Yet another brain trainer

505 pops up with DS outing.

505 Gamestreet has announced The Professor's Brain Trainer: Logic and The Professor's Brain Trainer: Memory for Nintendo DS.