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Yet another brain trainer

505 pops up with DS outing.

505 Gamestreet has announced The Professor's Brain Trainer: Logic and The Professor's Brain Trainer: Memory for Nintendo DS.

Created in conjunction with renowned brain and neurology professor Dr. Makoto Shichida, of the University of Newport (there's something awfully familiar about all of this), Brain Trainer tests, trains and improves a player's brain functions by getting them to complete challenges and solve problems using the DS' dual displays and touch-screen functionality.

What on earth is going on, eh? Anyway, you can see how this particular brain training game is shaping up in the first seven screenshots, which seem to apply to both versions. And if you're wondering about the distinction - Logic focuses on maths ability and concentration, while Memory deals with memory (amazingly), visual association and, er, concentration again. Maybe they weren't concentrating.

Look out for The Professor's Brain Trainer this winter, or just buy Brain Age now, since it's probably a million times better.

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