Pocket Planes

App of the Day: Pocket Planes

Pocket Planes perfectly captures the experience of travelling by plane. There's the waiting to check-in, the waiting to board, and the waiting to meet one of those friendly passport inspection people on the other side. Not to mention the time spent on your flight, chewing stale peanuts while watching episodes of Fraiser on an in-flight screen the size of a Game Boy.

NimbleBit's latest feels similar because it is, quite literally, a waiting game. It's a lot like Tiny Tower, except you're now landing planes rather than restocking shops. Your fleet of aircraft starts small, just as your stubby skyscraper started short. Levelling up unlocks more planes and the ability to buy more airports, growing your airline from a rickety local venture into a globe-spanning monopoly.

Some airports cost more than others and capital cities act as transport hubs, with more people and cargo to pick up. Your airline is an executive one, only ferrying passengers in ones and twos. Larger aircraft seat more, but don't expect to be ferrying hundreds at once. There's just enough room for all the members of a rock band, but the roadies will have to fly Ryanair.

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