Planetside: Core Combat

SOE president outs "PlanetSide Next"

"REALLY MASSIVE," shouts Smedley.

Sony Online Entertainment boss John Smedley has written a blog about "What PlanetSide Next means to me", revealing the first scraps of information and possible title for the game.


Shooting for the moon.

Giant, bipedal war machines stalk through the hills, small groups of tanks roll in determinedly, while around them infantry move up and engineers lay down defences, fix up damaged vehicles. Soldiers select equipment from a mobile re-spawn vehicle, squatting under a shimmering cloaking dome. Overhead, aircraft dogfight, while a dropship, braving anti-aircraft fire, flies over the besieged base and discharges a contingent of soldiers, some nestled inside bulky exo-armour with formidable firepower. Defenders man gun turrets and return fire from the parapet that tops the base's imposing walls. The battle rages. Welcome to PlanetSide.

In-game ads go PlanetSide

It was only a matter of time.

Billboard commercials will appear in Sony Online Entertainment's PlanetSide this month, streaming ads into the massively-multiplayer first-person shooter's in-game universe.