The Plan

The Plan

The Plan

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go tits up.

Espionage careers are glamorous, dangerous and thrilling pursuits. Just ask Bond, Bourne, Fisher, Hunt or any of the teams from Hustle, 24 or Spooks. It's a life of cocktail dresses and poison lipstick, deep cover and hoodwinking disguises, hi-tech gadgets and quick reflexes.

The Plan features seven specialist agents all working together to pull off the most audacious heist the criminal underworld has ever seen. Unfortunately, they seem to have been trained by the Chuckle Brothers, their disguises consist of joke shop glasses complete with plastic nose and a flapping moustache, and their most hi-tech gadget is a Gizmondo.

The hook of The Plan is that there are three playable characters during a mission, all on screen in their own little window, and each is controllable whenever the player sees fit. Objectives are completed through the interaction of the three team members as they pull off supposedly slick jobs using their signature skills. Breaking out of prison, swapping diamonds, stealing blueprints and leaving nothing but an expression of bewilderment on the faces of their foes.

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The Plan comes together

Trailer, screenshots, info.

A new trailer for The Plan - Eko System's forthcoming title for PC, PS2 and Xbox - is now available on Eurofiles. You'll also find some screenshots here.