Olo review

Olo review

Pucking fantastic.

Even the name has perfect symmetry. Olo is one of the classiest productions you'll ever see on iOS, a minimalist multiplayer game that's as achingly gorgeous as it is perfectly tuned. I know I'm throwing around superlatives like confetti here, but there's no denying it: Olo, in the common parlance, is a beaut.

Your seduction begins with the soothing glow of the title screen, shifting through primary colours as a beguiling tune plays. A guitar softly enters, strumming away. Who are you, guitar man? "Silence," he whispers. "I am the sound of impeccable taste." Two-player? Four-player? Online? Three modes; three letters in the name; three items in a list. This is how Olo rolls.

The game is an amalgam of boules and air hockey, played vertically on an evenly-split rectangle. The two colours change in every game (of course they do, this is Olo), but if I'm red then the top half of the screen will also be red - and that's what to aim for. You pitch the circular Olos towards this like pucks, and any in that region score one point. You take a turn, then your opponent does, until you're both out of Olos.

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