MotorStorm RC


VideoMotorstorm RC Carnival DLC trailer

Six new tracks for Vita/PS3 racer.

MotorStorm RC Review

Pocket rocket.

VideoMotorstorm RC for PlayStation Vita - first 15 minutes

Downloadable racer gets a Eurogamer test run.

VideoThe EGTV Show: Why should you buy a PlayStation Vita?

Sony and its studios make their pre-launch pitch.

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The best Vita games

Our pick of the games on Sony's indie powerhouse handheld.

PS Plus subscribers get Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in November

And Remember Me, and Oddworld Stranger's Wrath Vita.

Sony: MotorStorm: RC downloaded 19 times a minute

New MotorStorm: RC event played every second.

New Motorstorm RC DLC races onto PSN

24 new events, eight vehicles, six tracks, four trophies.

VideoMotorstorm RC Carnival DLC trailer

Six new tracks for Vita/PS3 racer.

MotorStorm RC Review

Pocket rocket.

VideoMotorstorm RC for PlayStation Vita - first 15 minutes

Downloadable racer gets a Eurogamer test run.

Sony details "one price" Vita/PS3 cross-play content

MotorStorm! Hustle Kings! WipEout! UMVC3!

Sony confirms PS Vita 1st Party digital only game prices

Escape Plan! MotorStorm RC! Super Stardust! More!

FeatureClever Game Pricing, Not Just Games, Is Key to Vita's Success

The last piece to the Vita puzzle is perhaps the most important.

VideoThe EGTV Show: Why should you buy a PlayStation Vita?

Sony and its studios make their pre-launch pitch.

Sony: PlayStation Vita will break UK launch record

Euro boss Ryan "pretty certain" of a sell-out.

Sony planning "more tailored approach" to Vita game pricing

Multiple price-points expected, but publisher confident it can "sustain" premium pricing on triple-A games.

MotorStorm boss feared Apocalypse failure "might be the end" of Evolution

But Sony "defended and protected us", says Matt Southern.

VideoFirst MotorStorm RC Vita trailer

Remote-controlled spin-off for Sony racing series.

MotorStorm RC, Unit 13 announced for Vita

UPDATE: More MotorStorm info, first trailer.

Sony's PlayStation Vita EU launch line-up

Uncharted, new MotorStorm, WipEout headline.