Monday Night Combat

Monday Night Combat heading to PC

XBLA shooter gets pre-release beta.

Frantic Xbox Live Arcade multiplayer shooter Monday Night Combat is getting a PC release next month, developer Uber Entertainment has confirmed.

Monday Night Combat gets free DLC

New maps and modes for XBLA hit.

Monday Night Combat, one of the highlights of Xbox Live's Summer of Arcade, is set for a free batch of DLC, developer Uber Entertainment has revealed.

Monday Night Combat

Monday Night Combat

Desktop tower attack.

Tower Defense is gaming's youngest genre and it shows: endless waves of clones clog up iTunes, many as irresistible as their inspiration but few displaying much innovation. That's natural. Evolution requires a large gene pool before baby-step iterations begin to generate true diversification.

For that reason, Monday Night Combat's giant leap forward for the genre is exciting. It's like nothing seen before and yet, in its borrowing of game elements from a variety of other well-known titles, it's immediately familiar.

Monday Night Combat is built upon an orthodox Tower Defence foundation. This much is made obvious in the first of the game's two core modes: Blitz. All of the elements of the fixed path Tower Defence form are present here. Your base is known as the 'Moneyball', which you must protect from waves of enemy bots that approach it along fixed paths.

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