Momonga Pinball Adventures

Momonga Pinball Adventures review

Paladin's latest combines pinball with flying squirrels, which means it's already off to a pretty good start. It also combines pinball with action-adventure game design - possibly an even better idea.

This is seriously elegant thinking, actually, with each level threading you through a bright top-down world filled with hazards and loot, while the movement of your adorable little avatar is controlled by flippers on either side of the screen. It's a clever means of simplifying controls for touch-screen input, and it encourages you to approach a series of intricate stages in an ad-libbed, knockabout way. No virtual joysticks here: just taps for left and right and the occasional slide of the thumb to fire you into the action at the very start.

Rather than leaving you to control a shiny ball bearing - they're useful if you're an engineer but not much fun if you're trying to relate to your on-screen presence - Momonga Pinball Adventures places you in charge of one of those flying squirrels, the only guy in his village not to be kidnapped during a mysterious spate of flying squirrel kidnappings that you may have read about in the red-tops. Okay, the story may not have made it to the tabloids, but no matter: it's your job to bounce your squeaky hero across a series of nine short levels towards - spoiler - a cliffhanger ending that comes with the promise of more content, collecting stars, avoiding the drain - it will take away a life - and even fighting the odd boss as you go.

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