Modern Warfare 2: Resurgence Pack

Modern Warfare 2: Resurgence Pack

Modern Warfare 2: Resurgence Pack

Generation Killstreak.

Have you ever repainted your living room? I haven't, but I watched my Dad do it once, so I got the gist. Essentially what happens is that you get a bit bored with your increasingly dowdy Eggshell white walls, then you go mental with a fresh coat of Magnolia. For a short while, it's amazing: the room is brighter and fresher, you feel happier and more productive just for standing in it. Then, after a while, the newness fades and you forget that it was ever any other colour than boring old Magnolia. You're happy enough, but the burst of newness has faded. Until you hear about Blossom White that is! A snip at only 1200 Microsoft Points!

For what becomes little more than a change of scenery after a few hours' play, it cannot be denied that Modern Warfare 2 map packs are expensive for what they are. Five maps, two of which are recycled, working out at about two quid each. Quite a lot for Almond White turning to White Cotton; although admittedly, with MW2's tight unlock and experience system, it's hard to think of what else could be air-dropped in without making wholesale changes to a system that works, and works well.

Let's get down to brass tacks, though: I love Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer, and I love the smell of fresh paint. I'm one of those people: sorry. I have neither become distant due to the power of Bad Company 2 nor the present ill-will towards Activision. Any addition to the moving, bloodied wallpaper of Headquarters Pro or Demolition will give me a surge of happiness like nothing else. The joy will fade, all things do, but as of right now I will leap at any opportunity to open up a new vein for this particular habit.

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