Mini Mix Mayhem

App of the Day: Mini Mix Mayhem

Mini Mix Mayhem's tutorial seems daunting. "This is part one," you could imagine it cheerfully telling you, maybe in Siri's voice. But it would be a ruse. In reality the game only explains the basic rules of each microgame, presented on a four-by-four grid.

Tap the Galaga-esque ship to shoot the aliens. Press down and drag your car to keep it on the road. Shake your mobile device to sink the castle. It's impossible to look at these easy, tiny tasks and not think of WarioWare's own microgames, which started life on the Game Boy Advance. The basic look and silly feel is very much intact.

Parts two and three of the tutorial aren't any harder, at least in terms of gameplay mechanics. No game in Mini Mix Mayhem is any more difficult than the first you play, but that isn't the hook. What is should be obvious by looking at the screenshots: you have to play all four games on-screen at the same time. What madness hath this wrought, right?

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