Worth plugging.

VideoMindjack tech unleashed in real world

Hack animal brains, drink from the loo.

VideoSquare Enix show Mindjack characters

Soldiers! Civilians! Mechs! Creatures!

VideoMindjack shows Instant Multiplayer

Single player transitions seamlessly.

Key events

8th February 2011




Worth plugging.

The worst hacks aren't the kind that infiltrate security systems or unravel consoles, but the kind that write. A careless opinion spreads even faster than malicious code – and can be just as destructive.

Mindjack, sadly, is a game destined to fall victim to such opinions. I know that because, as I booted the game up, one thought stood out in my mind: that this was going to be bad. An unheralded, low-budget, third-person shooter from Japan? Made by a hodgepodge development team of questionable experience? Published by Square Enix, of all companies? I couldn't help but doubt.

For the first few hours, those doubts were justified. Over the following eight, however, they slowly began to dissipate, before turning into outright respect.

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Out This Week

LittleBigPlanet 2! Mass Effect 2! Mindjack!

Ah, 2011. Full of optimism, hope and... wait, today's the most depressing day of the year. And it's raining everywhere. Yeah!

Square Enix's Mindjack dated

Hit the road in January.

Mindjack, the third-person online action shooter from Japanese developer feelplus, will be released in Europe on 21st January next year.

Square Enix announces Mindjack

Square Enix announces Mindjack

Brain-hacking shooter due in October.

Square Enix has announced a new "online action shooter" called Mindjack from Japanese developer feelplus.

Mindjack is due out this October for PS3 and Xbox 360.

It's set in 2031, where corporate power has usurped democracy and technology is beginning to control everyday life.

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