Magicka publisher: DRM is "a waste of money"

Paradox boss stands up for paying customers.

Anti-piracy DRM measures are a waste of money that only serve to alienate paying customers, so says the CEO of PC-centric Magicka publisher Paradox Interactive.



Spellcasting: B-U-G-S.

As a writer, sometimes you're glad when things aren't published. About a month ago I wrote a preview piece for Eurogamer based on the Magicka beta - but the 3DS reveal took over, so we held off running it.

In that now-lost preview I praised the game highly, but there was one caveat; the multiplayer was infested with bugs. We assumed it would be fixed in the remaining beta period,which was sure to be extensive and comprehensive.

The following day we heard that Paradox was releasing the game on the 25th of January.

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