Left 4 Dead: Crash Course

It's a busy time for Valve, and it's a busy time for Chet Faliszek. Fresh from his work on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (more on its absence from the EU PlayStation Store later), he's now hard at work making Left 4 Dead, the ground-breaking co-op zombie thriller, better. But he still found the time to pop along to Eurogamer Expo last week to deliver a developer session (twice) on how to get a job in the game industry.

Valve teases forthcoming announcement

Valve teases forthcoming announcement

Left 4 Dead image with fruity flavour.

Valve has sent Eurogamer a teaser image for something to do with Left 4 Dead.

Check it out below. It was accompanied by a note that said: "In anticipation of an upcoming announcement from Valve."

The Apple-esque stamp in the top right, complete with "I hate different" tagline, suggests we may be seeing something Mac or iPhone-related.

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Left 4 Dead: Crash Course

Left 4 Dead: Crash Course

Leave no man behind.

Microsoft loves exclusives, but in Left 4 Dead's case it's really breaking new ground: If you want to play Crash Course on the PC, don't wait for me to convince you, just go ahead - it's free! If you want to play it on Xbox 360, you might want to hang back, because it's 560 Microsoft Points (4.76 / 6.72). Apparently this is nothing to do with Valve, the people who made the content - it's because Microsoft doesn't want all the other premium DLC getting upset about being shown up. The fact we had to haul that explanation out of Valve suggests even the money men in Redmond find it a bit shameful.

They can at least drown their sorrows in the blood of a thousand zombies, because Crash Course is an intense little campaign that really kicks you around the houses for the half-hour it takes you to stagger through its two chapters. With the original four Left 4 Dead campaigns clocking in at around an hour each for a straight play-through, Versus games were lasting around twice that, so the idea here is to give the competitive side of the game's dedicated fans something that's just as demanding but over a shorter distance.

It also bridges a narrative gap - between climbing into the chopper atop Mercy Hospital in the first campaign and crawling onto a highway at the start of the second, Death Toll. We don't learn much more about what's going on in the world during Crash Course, but we do get some more quips from the crew (Zoey points out that climbing into a helicopter with a zombie pilot is poor survival logic), and judging by the writing scrawled on the wall of the midway safehouse we also discover that Valve thinks someone called Alison is a bit of a numpty.

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L4D1 DLC pricing not Valve's decision

MS wanted "economy of value" on Xbox 360.

Valve's Chet Faliszek has told Eurogamer that upcoming downloadable Left 4 Dead 1 expansion Crash Course costs money on Xbox Live because Microsoft insisted upon it.

Left 4 Dead 1 getting new campaign

Next month. Free on PC, 560 MSP on 360.

Valve has announced plans to release a new campaign for the original Left 4 Dead next month, which will be free on PC and cost 560 Microsoft Points (4.76 / 6.72) on Xbox Live.