Cult Classics: PlayStation 2

Part 5: Horror, bugs, puzzles and anger.

It is finished! Part five of the PlayStation 2 Cult Classics brings us to the end of our five-part journey [practically five-year -Ed] through one of the most extensive and enjoyable back catalogues in the history of console gaming. If you missed out on the others, check out parts one, two, three and four, and if you can't find something in there worth playing over a dull weekend, you're probably on the wrong website. Breathing the wrong air.



You know you want to...

Onimusha might well represent the most successful foray made by any game into the surreal world of traditional Japanese Kwaidan storytelling. However, behind every favourite there tends to be an underdog, a role Kuon quietly adopts. It's a position that would take a great deal of work to escape.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. FromSoftware's Kuon is a tale of intrigue, the occult and awkward priestesses in feudal Japan. Players are pitted against a cast of supernatural monsters including Gaki (loveable rogues, with no more desire than to eat the flesh of vaguely more human characters), ghosts, deformed people and some other things that are neither inspired nor surprising. Bored yet? Give it five minutes.

Survival Horror

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