Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

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10th January 2011

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

21st September 2010

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded trailer

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

The same old toon.

Let's be honest: the clamour for improved graphical fidelity plays a big part in driving the progress of new gaming technology. Pretty games sell. Not that all games are reliant on visual frippery, of course, but it's impossible to deny that much of Kingdom Hearts' appeal comes from its lush recreations of famous Disney worlds and the characters that reside therein.

This naturally presents Square Enix with a problem when it comes to the DS. Re:coded is among the better looking games on the system, but there's no doubt the old girl's starting to creak a bit as she prepares to make way for a shiny new model. The PSP's terrific (and technically impressive) Birth By Sleep offered a number of new locations to explore and smash monsters around in, but Re:coded is content to mostly retread old ground, as Sora revisits settings from the first PS2 game. Sadly, these worlds lose much of their impact in the downsizing process.

The plot contrives to find an excuse to return to the likes of Wonderland, Agrabah and the Olympus Coliseum. Jiminy Cricket's computerised journal of the first game's events has been corrupted, and so Mickey, Donald and Goofy decide to send a virtual Sora into the digital world to get rid of the bugs. But soon after you arrive on the Destiny Islands, it's clear these unsightly blocks of code are the least of your problems.

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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

A cipher Sora eyes.

If only that 'R' was a 'D'. Kingdom Hearts' plot machinations must be bewildering to all but the most attentive player, and a game which finally attempted to explain the complexities of the series' fractured timeline would likely be welcomed by most.