Heroes of Ruin


Heroes of Ruin Review

Together, better.

VideoHeroes of Ruin 3DS trailer is ready for launch

Online dungeon-crawler emerges in shops today.

VideoHeroes of Ruin trailer shows co-op

Nintendo 3DS RPG out next month.

VideoHeroes of Ruin multiplayer trailer

Four-player co-op with voice chat, all on 3DS.

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Heroes of Ruin Review

Together, better.

VideoHeroes of Ruin 3DS trailer is ready for launch

Online dungeon-crawler emerges in shops today.

Heroes of Ruin demo on 3DS eShop this week

Plus: Devil Band! Tumble Pop! 3D Solitaire!

VideoHeroes of Ruin trailer shows co-op

Nintendo 3DS RPG out next month.

FeatureHeroes of Ruin Preview: Fantasy Stars Online

Streamlined dungeon-crawling for the 3DS.

VideoHeroes of Ruin multiplayer trailer

Four-player co-op with voice chat, all on 3DS.

VideoHeroes of Ruin 3DS multiplayer trailer

Geist developer n-Space talks gunslinger class.

VideoHeroes of Ruin walkthrough trailer

3DS RPG from Geist dev n-Space.

VideoHeroes Of Ruin 3DS footage

RPG from Geist developer n-Space.

Square Enix details Heroes of Ruin

Nintendo 3DS game due out early 2012.