Heroes of Ruin


Heroes of Ruin Review

Together, better.

VideoHeroes of Ruin 3DS trailer is ready for launch

Online dungeon-crawler emerges in shops today.

VideoHeroes of Ruin trailer shows co-op

Nintendo 3DS RPG out next month.

VideoHeroes of Ruin multiplayer trailer

Four-player co-op with voice chat, all on 3DS.

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Heroes of Ruin Review

Heroes of Ruin Review

Together, better.

Online gaming has never really been Nintendo's 'thing', has it? I sort of expect Miyamoto is still using dial-up at home. Even today, first-party support feels begrudging at best, most recently seen in the threadbare features of Mario Tennis Open.

It falls, then, to a third party to give 3DS' online gaming capabilities a proper workout. Heroes of Ruin is nothing if not ambitious. A co-production by n-Space and Square Enix London, it's a classic dungeon crawler with connected gaming woven into its medieval fabric from the start, rather than hastily stapled on at the end.

There's four-player co-op, voice chat, daily and weekly challenges, item trading in-game and via StreetPass and a dedicated website that tracks your stats and progress. (Or it will do at some point - that's the bit that isn't working yet. So close!)

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Heroes of Ruin Preview: Fantasy Stars Online

Heroes of Ruin Preview: Fantasy Stars Online

Streamlined dungeon-crawling for the 3DS.

"Heroes of Ruin" conjures up an image of the most traditional of role-playing games. It's the sort of name where you know it's an RPG without looking at a single screenshot, or moving your eyes any further down the box's cover. But the plural 'Heroes' is vital too.

The game's eponymous heroes inhabit a fantasy land that's no less traditional. It's a world inhabited by magicians, living weapons and leviathan sea monsters. The local ruler Atraxis (he's a sphinx) is sick with a mysterious illness and it is the task of four heroes to find out why.

So you become embroiled in the game's steady loop of missions and side quests, acted out within the game's dungeons and interspersed with visits to Nexus, the game's main city and hub. Nexus is Atraxis' seat of power and the source of the game's main story elements, fed to you through in-game scenes that offer information for the quest ahead.

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Square Enix details Heroes of Ruin

Square Enix details Heroes of Ruin

Nintendo 3DS game due out early 2012.

Square Enix has lifted the lid on Heroes of Ruin, the Nintendo 3DS game teased by developer n-Space last week and due out early next year.

It features "four unlikely heroes brought together to form a fearsome alliance", online play and social gaming gubbins.

It uses the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass system to create a Traders' Network, where players can buy and sell items picked up in battle.

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