Gun News

Activision quiet on GUN 2

Tony Hawk's demo to blame.

Activision has stayed tight-lipped over rumours that a GUN sequel is in development - it pretty much just sat there blowing cigar smoke at us in the dingy poker-purposed back room in the saloon.

Activision adds games to Steam

Starting with CoD and GUN.

Activision has become the latest high profile game company to dip its toes into Steam (that hissing noise is the sound of the English language having a fit).

Activision responds to AAID

GUN wasn't meant to offend.

Activision has responded to accusations that PC and console title GUN promotes racism and genocide, apologising to Native Americans who have complained about the game for any offence caused.

Native Americans slam GUN

Over alleged racism.

The Association for American Indian Development has launched a campaign against Activision for publishing PC and console title GUN, claiming that the game glorifies racism and genocide.

Neversoft gets out GUN

Wild West shooter unveiled.

Neversoft has revealed the first details of GUN, currently in development for PC, PS2, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360 and GameCube.