Gateways review

Gateways review

I'm making a note here: MODERATE SUCCESS.

Gateways challenges you to navigate a cramped underground lab by manipulating time and space itself. Each click is a fold in the fabric of spacetime, meticulously crafting each origami solution. It is overwhelmingly inspired by Portal, as developer Smudged Cat Games (which also made The Adventures of Shuggy) is only too happy to admit.

And if you've played Portal, you'll know almost exactly what to expect from this 3 title available on Xbox Indie Games and PC, since it plays almost exactly like a 3 Portal. Just remove Portal's jokes and storytelling and swap in a sprawling, Metroidvania-style single environment with plenty of backtracking and you're there. A scientist wakes up in what's left of his lab, everything's scattered uselessly about the place, and your task is to steer your little Mario-alike to the surface.

In Portal (and Gateways) you're gifted with a gun that can create two "portals", or pathways, between two flat surfaces. Initially, this leads to you feeling sick as you see yourself through holes you shouldn't be able to see yourself through. This passes, at which point you have the framework for a fabulous puzzle game. How do you use portals to cross gaps? To jump high? To open doors?

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Full Leftfield Collection line-up unveiled for Rezzed

Thomas Was Alone, Drunken Robot Pornography and others among final selection.

We've already told you a little bit about the Leftfield Collection, our special line-up of indie titles set to be playable in a large space at the heart of Rezzed, but today we're able to unveil the full line-up of games that make up the Collection.

Portal in 2D: Gateways by The Adventures of Shuggy dev out now on PC

Indie platformer channels Valve, P.B. Winterbottom, Metroid.

Gateways, the latest offering from The Adventures of Shuggy creator Smudged Cat Games, uses the conceit of a 2D Portal as a jumping off point for plenty of puzzle/platforming madness. It's out now on PC for $10, with an XBLIG release planned for later this year.