Formula 1 Grand Prix

Formula 1 Grand Prix

Formula 1 Grand Prix

Wow, a PSP racing game!

Fans of radio in the UK will probably be familiar with the concept of a "micro-sleep". According to the health warning played across the nation, it's the sensation of dozing off for a couple of seconds when you close your eyes; long enough, the radio-science-man said, to stray into oncoming traffic while driving and cause a nasty accident. It's something to do with a build-up of fatigue brought on staring at the horizon and rarely having to apply yourself to the situation. Micro-sleeps can kill. Or, when you happen to be playing F1 in a state of some weariness, can cause you to overshoot turns and lose pole position at Monza.

Granted, it took quite a build-up of fatigue before we did actually fall asleep playing F1 Grand Prix - but the fact that it happens feels like a good point to come in on because, for all its many features and seemingly sensible design decisions, this is never likely to keep you up at night. It lacks that vital spark.

First things first: while that is true, it's not because it's been dumbed down for the PSP. Although it has been dumbed down. F1 games usually give you pages and pages of tweaking options - and pages and pages of tutorials to understand each of the pages and pages of tweaks. F1 Grand Prix gives you three options: one for aggressive driving (less grip), one for defensive driving (more grip), and one in-between. There's also an option to have the game assist you with braking. It's very uncomplicated; clearly designed to be played on the go, as you'd expect.

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