Football Manager 2009 News

SI discusses Football Manager piracy

"I'd love to have no DRM on our games."

LBP costumes lead PSN update

Festive cupboards filled with goods.

DRM still causing FM 2009 headaches

Authentication problems persist.

FM 2009 "has a chance" at Christmas No.1

Jacobson talks up WOW rivalry.

UK charts: World at War calls the shots

Banjo, Mirror's Edge, Wii Music struggle.

Everton signs Football Manager database

Moyes to virtually scout players and staff.

SEGA apologises for FM 2009 problems

Solution to key activation hiccup soon.

Football Manager 2009 patch on Friday

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Football Manager 2009 dated, detailed

Coming in November with a 3D match engine.

Football Manager 2009 revelations tonight

Dates and "revolutionary" new features.